Design Thinking Workshops sind das Instrument, Ihre Mitarbeiter zur treibenden Kraft der Digitalisierung zu machen.

Wir führen Workshops mit Fokusgruppen durch, um die Erfahrung von Kunden mit den neuen Lösungen zu testen oder die Stakeholder in den Transformationsprozess einzubinden. Damit begeben wir uns auf den Weg agiler Entwicklung.  In Workshops werden  auch die digitale Roadmap erarbeitet und die Inhalte für die Story (das Narrativ) festgelegt.


We conduct an IT check in your company and know which projects are feasible. We help you to find your way around digital solutions in the fields of smart grids, smart lighting, charging infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure, integrated energy systems and smart city platforms. We analyze with you the advantages and disadvantages of the various offers, especially with regard to modularity, supplier independence and performance.


With the jointly developed content, we write your story, the meaningful narrative, with which you inspire your employees, stakeholders, partners and high-potentials to shape the future together with your municipal utility. An exciting story tells itself on. We flank you with whitepapers and roadmaps, master plans and business models. In addition, we develop tactical plans for reducing barriers to acceptance, supporting key stakeholders and working with preferred partners.


We connect you with other, for you interesting smart cities in Germany and abroad. This accelerates your learning curve and offers your employees interesting experiences and perspectives. Your city thereby develops radiance. We also network you at project level: e.g. jointly buy or develop software in collaboration with other municipal utilities. This reduces the costs and the need for an extended own IT team. We connect you with interesting industrial partners and service providers.

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Contact us! Together with your team leaders, we check and structure your challenges in a one-day workshop. We will unravel complex and problematic constellations, identify first starting points and an idea about how your digital roadmap could look like.


Our Partner:

  • Institute for Future of Living – LINK
  • TASC – The Academy for Smarter Communities – LINK
  • Bundesverband Smart City e.V. – LINK
  • NXTGN – Digital Transformation Experts – LINK